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So after suddenly coming to the realization that this story-arc required a lot more thought put into it than the previous one…I decided to do this little weird chibi-comic like all those other hotshot manga artists. It’ll be about 4 comics long (including this one), so if you don’t like it, it won’t be that long of a break, but if you do like it, then….well, you’ll just have to wait until the end of the next story-arc for another one (or maybe those 3 sequential conventions I’ll be going to in July). In any case, I think they’re pretty cute, and it gives me a chance to be weird and random.

It’s also kinda nice because next week I’ll be starting my midterms, so hopefully I won’t be so stressed out.

But yes, I’m really excited about the upcoming arc–lots of action, stuff’s answered, new people are introduced, old characters return–good times! I just gotta work my ass off because I need to figure out how best to explain some of the new terms that’re going to be coming up…And there’s charts to be drafted (that’s right, charts!). All in all I think you guys’ll really dig it, cuz I know I’m gonna have a fun time drawin’ it! ^^


Incentive for today!

Today’s incentive is up now (Decided to leave yesterday’s up a little longer since it was posted so late x.x ).



Incentive up now. Enjoy =)



So I was up late working on a project, so I didn’t have time to upload today’s incentive. Will be posted later, when I get home from school.

In other news, it’s incrediably difficult to make action scenes in color…still working with it, not quite sure I’ve achieved success with that quite yet x.x

But hey, that’s the end of that chapter.

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