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Not too bad


Ah, that lovable, laughable ninja. What sort of crazy hijinks will he get into next?

Also, if anyone’s familiar with the work of Lea Hernandez, her house kinda caught on fire, causing her lose a pile of original works, among other things. So since since she once paid for my cab fair and spotted me some cash for a meal, I’m directin g your attention to this story in case anyone out there reads Rumble Girls or any of her other numerous works and would like to lend their support. So yeah, help her out, she’s a really nice lady despite some of the stuff that’s said about her.

I also forgot to mention that I will be attending The Reactor in Skokie this year, so if anyone was thinking of skipping out on it this year…please don’t. I’ll be doing the Draw or Die competition this year, and since Shannon has won it 3 years in a row and has a legion of followers cheering her on to victory, I expect all my MR fans to show up so that I may be victorious! (plus it’ll be fun because you’ll be able to watch me sweat as I’m put on the spot in front of many people x.x ). So come, enjoy, stop by, etc. Will have the new prints to sell, along with all the usual stuff, so it makes for good times.

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